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How to propose a Summer School

Who may propose a Summer School?
Summer schools may be proposed by SETAC Members being representatives of risk assessment offices, universities, research centres or laboratories having proved a sound expertise in the area. Speakers should have both experience and practice in the principles and methodologies presented during the training.

How to proceed?
Initially, provide SETAC Europe with a concept proposal containing an outline of the intended Summer School, the focus of the intended training, potential trainers, intended location and proposed dates.

Once accepted in principle, then provide a comprehensive proposal — DEADLINE 31 DECEMBER — with

Please be aware that

Benefits to Summer Schools Organizers
Summer schools and their organisers will benefit from publicity and recognition by SETAC. Organizers benefit through:

Summer Schools, practically?
Summer schools are conducted in summer (from June to beginning of September), at a suitable location close to the organiser. In order to ascertain that enough time is given to teaching, exchanges, self-working on case-studies and knowledge assessment, Summer Schools are organized over one to two weeks.

For further details on the content of submissions, contact the SETAC Europe Office:

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